Meet the Faculty

Maxence Larrieu chamber music faculty

Maxence Larrieu, flute

Trio des Alpes chamber musc fculty

Brian Ganz, piano

Brian Ganz chamber music faculty

Trio des Alpes, chamber

Jeffrey Chappell chamber music faculty

Jeffrey Chappell, piano

Karen Johnson chamber music faculty flute

Karen Johnson, flute

Rino Vernizzi chamber music faculty bassoon

Rino Vernizzi, bassooon

Deborah Gretzer chamber music faculy bassoon

Deborah Greitzer, bassoon

Ercole Ceretta chamber music faculty trumpet

Ercole Ceretta, trumpet

Bryan Bourne chamber music faculty trombone

Bryan Bourne, trombone

John Rojak chamber musc faculty bass tromboe

John Rojak, bass trombone

Jose Cueto chamber music faculty violi

Jose Cueto, violin

Jonathan Wisner orchestra faculty percussion

Jonathan Wisner, percussion

Larr Vote classical music summer festival facuty

Larry Vote, choral

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